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What is Green Web Hosting?

There is a recent rise in the popularity of Green Web Hosting because of the concern for the nature. Many industries have taken action and play their part in helping by reducing energy consumption and recycling. The same goes for the web hosting industry.

How to Select the Right Merchant Services Provider

Accepting credit and debit cards provides a number of benefits for businesses, including boosting sales, profitability and credibility. Customers expect to be able to make payments with credit cards, and will routinely shift away from merchants or service providers unable to offer their desired payment options.

Checklist of 12 Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business Website

Getting your website noticed can be difficult. If you have a great website, you need to get visitors there so they can learn and buy from you. Here are 12 marketing strategies for your small business website.

6 Tips for Small Business Email Marketing

Using email as a marketing tool for your small business is a very good idea. The rules are a little different, and there are some best practices to follow to guarantee success. Here are 6 tips to help you get started with small business email marketing.

Credibility Checklist and Tips for a Small Business Website

When you are first starting your small business, it is hard to establish credibility. After all, you do not have years of experience and a long list of testimonials and referrals. One of the best ways you can establish instant credibility is to have a professional website built for your new small business.

If you want to establish the credibility of your business using a website, here are some things that your small business website should have.

Content Writing Checklist for Your Small Business Website

A successful small business needs to have a powerful web presence to attract more customers and promote legitimacy. The most beautifully designed small business website will be useless if the content is sparse or lacks clarity. The text on your site can be a valuable marketing tool that drives search engine traffic to your site and also engages customers so that they feel confident making a purchase. Web content should be simple, personable, and to the point.

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