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Choosing the Best Web Content Management System for Your Business Website

If you are creating a website for your new business it is essential that you have a web content management system to allow you and your staff to make easy updates to your website. The cost of proprietary content management systems can be extreme but luckily the open source community has developed many powerful content management systems that you can download for free. With so many options it can be difficult to evaluate, compare, and choose the best content management system that will meet your specific business needs.

The most popular open source content management systems and industry leaders are Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. If you want to run an e-commerce website then Magento is an excellent option to consider along with the Ubercart module for Drupal.

These content management systems power millions of websites ranging from small business to large corporate sites, to social networking, publishing, newspapers, magazines, non profit and government organizations. Membership sites, E-comerce sites, you name it and these systems have you covered. Drupal even powers the website for

If you are looking for an easy to use system then Wordpress is quite simple to get started with. They offer a free hosted solution such as but if you are serious about your business then you should invest in your own domain and web hosting.

Drupal's usability is improving with each version but learning how to build a Drupal website is not going to be the best use of your time. Instead you should hire a Drupal consultant to help you design and develop your Drupal website and then train you how to administer it. Drupal is best known for creating community websites that provide social publishing and member management functionalities but Drupal is actually a solid development framework that can be used to build a small business website or an enterprise software as a service application. Drupal and Wordpress both are well known for being SEO friendly whereas Joomla takes a little more effort but can definitely be configured to play nice with the search engines as well.