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Content Writing Checklist for Your Small Business Website

A successful small business needs to have a powerful web presence to attract more customers and promote legitimacy. The most beautifully designed small business website will be useless if the content is sparse or lacks clarity. The text on your site can be a valuable marketing tool that drives search engine traffic to your site and also engages customers so that they feel confident making a purchase. Web content should be simple, personable, and to the point.

Be Authentic

One of the biggest obstacles facing any small business website is that online consumers are wary of sales sites. Customers who shop on the internet are looking for sites that are informative and authentic. Sales jargon and over-the-top promotions will appear insincere, and will drive customers away from your site. Your content needs to engage the customer by appealing to his or her interest in your product. Content that is well-written and knowledgeable will help a customer trust that you sell good quality products and that you have good business practices. A calm, concise sales job is far more effective than any other advertising you can buy.

Use Keywords in a Natural Manner

Keywords are the terms that describe your products or services in the simplest terms. Search engines use keywords to rank your site, and customers use keywords to search for products on the internet. When you create the content for your website, think about the words people might type into a search engine if they wanted to buy your product. Make sure that those specific words are included regularly in the text of your site. You don't want to overdo it, search engines will actually reject your website if a word is repeated too often. The optimal use of keywords in web content is about once every 100 words or so. Make sure that the keywords appear naturally as part of the text so that the content makes sense.

The Benefit of Informative Articles

One of the most powerful tools a small business website can use to create more traffic is informative articles. When a customer visits your site, they will stay longer if you provide engaging content that relates to your product. If you create content that includes articles about how to use your product, or some interesting facts about your product, you look more knowledgeable and you become a resource for the customers as they shop. Informative articles also offer another avenue for the use of keywords, which will bring more customers to your site through search engine traffic.

Don't Forget the Call to Action

When you create content for your small business website, don't forget to include a call to action near the end of the page. The call to action is a phrase or sentence that invites your customer to do something before they leave the site. It can be as simple as inviting them to click on a link to learn more about your product, or as direct as having a button that allows them to purchase your product right away. People tend to respond to a good call to action by doing what you've asked them to do, which keeps them on your site longer and increases the odds that they will spend money with you.